Barber Webcam and Google

Barber Webcam and Google

The advent of the smart phone means that many people are searching for barbers close to them - the image here is a graph from "Google Trends" - depicting the massive surge in people searching online for "barbers near me".

So how do you achieve a high ranking site that will be found by people looking for a local barber shop?

Well you could buy Google adverts, spend all day on Twitter & Facebook, pay an agency to write blog posts - or you could publish compelling content that your customers are truly interested in - which Google promptly notices with the extra clicks driven to your site.

The interesting content is the status of your queue - updated completely automatically day in day out 24x7x365. The image is updated every 60 seconds - and obfuscated to ensure you are not breaking any privacy laws. If your customers see you are quiet - they turn up right away - if they see you are busy - they may choose to book an online appointment at a premium - either way it's win win.

Join the barbers digital revolution - high street footfall is in decline - make sure your customers are connected....