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The Latest News From Queue Watch

It's always good to see one of our clients doing well - and Nicola at Penistone Barbers is certainly reaping the rewards of her digitally switched on Barber Shop. Making the online connection with your customers is crucial nowadays - and Queue Watch is the perfect, hassle free - zero effort way of achieving this. Google is well aware of how well engaged your customers are with your Queue Watch enable website - and blend that with a series of glowing reviews - means complete domination of the search results pages for your barber shop.

Broadcasting an image of one of your customers onto the internet can not only come as a surprise to your customers, it is actually against the law.  Queue Watch alters the image and keeps you out of court - by maintaining your customer’s privacy by altering the image so that faces cannot be recognised. 

"Are you busy right now mate?" - I bet you've heard that a few times on the other end of the phone...

We have been checking information from our web enabled barber shops. They tell us that their Queue Watch systems are handling as many as 30,000 enquiries a year. What would you give for 30,000 enquiries? Well, Queue Watch allows your customers to check online how busy you are and time their visit so you are less busy - and they don’t have to wait.

You're great at what you do - that's why people will sit and wait for your services and not go elsewhere. But have you ever wondered if people would prefer not to wait a half hour for a haircut? Given the choice - would people pay a little extra to know they can get a hair cut in their lunch break?

Fact is - a large percentage of your customers would indeed pay extra for a pre-booked appointment - and love you for offering the service.

The advent of the smart phone means that many people are searching for barbers close to them - the image here is a graph from "Google Trends" - depicting the massive surge in people searching online for "barbers near me".

So how do you achieve a high ranking site that will be found by people looking for a local barber shop?