Make your Queue earn you £7000

Make your Queue earn you £7000

You're great at what you do - that's why people will sit and wait for your services and not go elsewhere. But have you ever wondered if people would prefer not to wait a half hour for a haircut? Given the choice - would people pay a little extra to know they can get a hair cut in their lunch break?

Fact is - a large percentage of your customers would indeed pay extra for a pre-booked appointment - and love you for offering the service.

OK - so you'd rather not have the hassle of keeping a diary and answering the phone to take bookings when you'd rather be cutting hair right? Absolutely - all that stuff is so 1970's - we utilise 100% online booking systems - so that all you need to do is turn up to work, and all your day is planned out for you right in your smartphones diary - simple, elegant, efficient.

So getting customers online to book those appointments - is that a challenge? It can be if your customers never have reason to visit your website - but with Queue Watch - your customers can see if your shop is busy - and if so - book an appointment right there and then. If you're quiet - they can turn up for a walk in appointment - win win.

Queue Watch is the only digital solution that offers you the chance to continue offering a walk in solution whilst also upselling a premium appointment service for your customers that would prefer not to wait.

And the headline grabbing £7000 - that's on average the uplift in annual revenue (£5 / hour) we see from switching just a single barber to a premium appointment service.

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